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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 15, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PST

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bny mellon wealth management >> we have done everything we can to peel backlet onion and look at the crevance and the
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that doesn't include the outside of the building. it is going to be a long pain staking process. >> hour by hour new information coming in on the deadliest and heartbreaking school shooting in u.s. history. >> as you know by now the gunman opened fire in newtown, connecticut. when it was all over 26 people were dead. most of children. youngest am have was just five yores old. adam hans lans then committed cusude. nthe names of those killed are expected to be released shortly . they comb the school in and out for clues . they have good evidence that they hope will answer questions. >> i am kewill wroiti am uma we have special edition of america's news head quarters that starts right now. >> we'll go to newtown
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connecticut. they are wrapping up a press conference. adam lanza was not let into the school voluntarily. instead he forced his way in. molly is standing by in the sandy hook elementary school . molly? >> thank you, uma. they haven't given out a lot of details. what they mean on lansa forcing his way in. no one opened the door for him. and he was not standing in the building when the doors were locking down. it was a situation where he lit ralgely pushed his way the building somehow . there was a question of whether he broke a window. there is reports of broken glass. and even the children said thrampt he forceds had way in the building. and the other information coming out. all of the victim's bodies and love it is ones have been id's and they are removed from the
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building. the medical examiner will give further information later this afternoon. and the names of the victim are coming out later today. ninvestigators are peeling back the unyob. they were still on site. and it is a large crime scene. not only inside but outside of the building. they are looking in every car in the parking lot and looking for all of the clues to explain how it happened and why. and when it comes to the question of why, they have evidence that they discover they are holding the details close to the vest. >> investigators in the crime scene and school and secondarily in the second crime scene where the female was located and deceased. that produced good evidence in
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this investigation that investigators will be able tous and paint the complete picture how and why this occurred. there is a survivor of the shootingment an adult shot. and authorities believe in the foot and she will be instructal in - shotting. >> and this is it a community in deep mourning. they hild a prayer service. will they hold more throughout the weekend? >> there are a number of churches and when you drive by there are signs out prayer service at noon or 7. and st. rose is opened 24 hours in the since this happened. there are funerals and memorial services to be planned. the church community is going to be busy in the coming week: and there is a member of
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services held and very likely many days to come. >> thank you for the update. >> we have the vofrom the police scanner. let's listen . (no audio) woo don't have the sound of that. and we'll get it back to you. in the morning press conference. officials say the superintendent of schools should be able to provide more clarity about the motive. and she is headed to the scene right now. and we expect to hear from her sometime soon . it has been little more than 24 hours since the shooting and the newtune police have a long investigation as they
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piece together what happened and why. that is the fundment will question. mark furman is it here and he is on a two or three second delay. mark, right to the question . many people aring why? what can you tell me about the fact that the police are now doing and investigate and come up with a conclusion once they piece together the information? >> well, you know normally, you have the same procedure with a singlular homicide regards if the public knows. this is multiple homicide victims and you have to document each piece of evidence. and the entour season is measured and grapped and put on paper much like a drafts man would create. you have to photograph every
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single piece of evidence. and the documented in there position . there is forensic. and ballistic and casings on the there are. and bullies that damaged them in the floor and wall. it has to upon documented and why know the method of the upon those have been recovered and it spears no others are large. its had to be done this way not only for future history. but this is the way it is done and sadly, i think every detective and cop on the job very long in any place where there is violence, knows what it looks like. that is disturbing. >> it is it disturbing indeed, mark. especially for the police
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officers and detectives working in newtown, connecticut. it was small and only violence they had was one. and it not only shocks the senses. but it causes an emotional. and what is go through their mind as why go to a horrific scene. n50 thing and first blush, they don't have the violence. this is not the inner stave los angeles or chicago . this is not an everyday occurence. and so the initial detectives in the smaller commupts and larger community us that came in to assist. it is hock andlet first thing they will think of is their own family and their relatives and neighbors. they are going to think of the
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future . anding know of the president and how what they have to professional low . and try tacious ark tag . and pervelet and to why it occurred. mark, it is it everything boo by the book. this guy gain entry forcibly. and when a school did everything right to defend itself. how do you recommend programs to protect one's stount. from a armed and and determined gunman from forcibly entering in?
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>> it is it a shame that it has to come to this. but this school did quite a bit really. more than the normal high school. i would suspect that every school should probably have somebody in plainclothes that is it a trained law enforcement officer with experience and the maturitet to handle people and children in a way and actually see a threat. that is not going to stop anything. look at the president of the united states. the secret service knows if they reduce the throats, but they can't top the threats ands. that being said. you know, i have been in the country of israel and seen how they handle security in that country. you can't get in a mall without identification.
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mean -- they eliminate this kind of a act. there is a place in between we need to be. nit may not come to that in this country but will be discussed with the law makers as we move before . nnew details are gipping to emerge with the shooter and hey what we know at this point. hises were divorted in a prot perous area of new toup connecticut. police confirm a woman was dead and it is believed to be his mom. the guns were nancy lanza. a family friend is quoited when they heard the news, they knew it had to be adam. and a relative said he was not
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well and suggesting signs of mental illness. he was mart and on the honor roll in hoil. police have found no not. but he reportedly forced his way in with his weapon the shotting and wears black mateaks. nand 18 fourth graders hit in the school shotting. the liier an barricaded the dor. and the clerk said she had the kids color whule thiwaited for the schedule to end. your adrenalin goes it scary for a little kid. they wapted for a officer
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slide it to make sure the police were telling the truth. npresident obama finds himself in the role of consoler and chief as he leads a stunned and griving nation . here is the reaction from the nation's capitol, james, i know that yesterday, the country watch anernings -- american president make emotional comments. >> it is by and large official washington mourned as one. president obama as we reported strugiled to keep his composure in the briefing room yesterday. contrast of the emotionalism and the composure ledemonstrated in the wookly saturday address was readily discernable. >> whether it is it an elementary school in new ton or shopping mall in oregon or
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temple or movie or treat in chicago. >> movie theater in colorado. countless street corners and places like chicago and philadelphia, any of these neighborhoods could be our own . >> the horror of the day seems so unbearable said jone -- john boehner. and flag white house and capitol building were ordered to half staff. nancy pelosi said the entire will stapped as a of support to this community. homeland security janet napolitano plidged they would pledge whatever support necessary needed. >> we heard from retoired mark kelly who is the husband of
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gabby giffords who survived the shooting massacre. killy was on a trip to beijing. giffords synds her prayers and he said our lead ares must do more than regret and sorrow. >> everyone is is bound in grief and sorrow and bafflement over this event. >> what do you do when a place of laugher and learning becomes a scene of horror? what is your young sterse thinking. >> even the youngest is sure to hear about what happened, what do you tell them and what role should faith and god play in all of this? we'll tony perkins and we have a conversation coming up with connecticut state police lieutenant paul sprance coming next.
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>> we have breaking news in from washington, secretary of
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state hillary clinton just feigned. they say that while suffering from a stomach virus she was dehydrated and fainted and sustained a concution . she will be at home and monitored by her doctors. she will continue to work from hem and staying in regular contact with the state department and other officials . she locks forward to being back in the office soon. we have news that hillary clinton feigned in the state department and sustained a concussion . we'll monitor the story and bring you more news as it becomes available on this one. >> state police have good evidence that might answer some questions about the tragic school shooting in connecticut. lieutenant paul vance, public information office. sir, thank you for joining us
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this afternoon. and obviously our heart and prayers go out to you not only from the nation but those of us here in fox newings. you have a task before you and say it is an active investigation and case; what does that mean? what are they doing? >> it is it important to note it is it like a onion ask we have to peel it back layer by layer temperature is it a pain staking process and to make sure we examine the scenes and look at the backgrounds of everybody. and speak to every witness that can shed light on the case. there is it a great deal of work done. >> sir, let me you this. i know the police are not revealing anything about motive at this point, but do you have informationine though you are nolt revealing on what led to the massacre? >> i know in some of the work
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done there is information and evidence uncovered that ourors - investigators have. i don't have information that we are ready to publicize . niment to you about your sense of what is going on in the community right now? it is a community that is small tight-knit and not accustomed to violence. and this shatters their peace. how are they coping and what kind of help are you now receiving from the community? if is mind boggling to see and believe. and the community came together like i have never seen before. locally all of the public personnel. and officials. and even people stopping by and saying thank you and god bless. >> certainly, we understand this crisis affects everybody.
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and also affects the town's people. the town set up a crisis intervention teem and can be reached from the phone for the people in the community. >> do we have the number. 2003-270-4283. 203-270-4283. if you need to discuss and there is professionals that can help in any way they can. >> how is this affecting you and your colleagues there that have to be there literally 24-7. monitoring the scene and knowing that your hearts are breaking? >> it is it a terrible, terrible tragedy. it is it -- why are providing people with support and counseling as we can. and certainly this is a huge,
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huge tragedy for everybody. and it breakings our hearts that the families are going through what they are going through. it is it an atrocious tragedy. nso many reports are coming in. and we have to vet them for confirmation . was there a confrontation between the shoot are and officials at the school days proir to this tragedy that unfolded? ni have no information on that. nothing what so ever to indicate that. nyou have any idea what may have caused adam lansa snop and take out his violence or vengeance on innocent children. we are looking at the history of everything and we are talking and scrimmaging in and
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all that the may be affectuv. and we want to answer every single question. and this will not be complote will until we have achieved that objective. >> lieutenant paul vance, i mentioned all of us here are expressing our support and we thank you for discussing the sentencative case with us. - sensitive case with us. >> after the break, more on what we know about adam lanza's brother and father. the grief over the tragedy spreads far beyond newtown. we'll have that next. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop?
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>> we'll have the latest on the elementary school shooting. molly is live with a few of the other head lines . including breaking news in egypt. egyptians are now voting on a controversial draft constitution after weeks of protest. nhundreds of egyptians waited for hour to get their vote in today. the draft has deeply divide the country when president morsi power grab. there is a dispute whether the country should go to religiousitate under morsi or remain more secular. >> they are calling on thinationination to condemn
9:31 am
the actions. violence continues in the country has president assaud is losing control. more than 40,000 people have been killed. >> a funeral for a british nurse who was a victim of a hoax call. the nurse took the call from a pair of australian dj's. item deem would a suicide. nthe envelope enveloped for a moment of silence. theyed that the nation come together and grieve for the victims and surciph radiors. uma, and kelly, back to you. >> many, many questions remain unanswered about the school
9:32 am
shooting. thidating toil -- the death toll stands at 27. the bodies have been removed from the school and they are in the medical examininer's office. another victim is a relative believed to be his mother. authorities are saying that the gunman is twint year old abam lanza. he forced his way in the school and opened fire on two classrooms and then killed himself. police are saying they have good evidence, and they hope will answer some questions. namericans united in faith, trying to make sense of this. how does monopoly try to make sense out of something so unreel. so many people may be feeling confused. tony perkins head of the family research council.
9:33 am
thank you. >> tony, i know it is it early in the investigation. we don't know the motive that triggered the massacre yet. many feel their faith is being tasted when they see innocent victims gunned down. what do you say to those angry with god . >> it is it the most challenging of circumstances. i have five and youngest is five years old and also i have been in on the screen as a police officer. but nothing this tragic of occurence. this comes rat -- at a time when we cell wrate joy and peace on earth and christmas. but the back is that god sent his son and we celebrate that at christmas to redeem man. and this speaks to that issue. and people search and that's why the church doors were open
9:34 am
in connecticut and across the country, for people to try to make sense be out of a sense of violence. it is appropriate to the question of why. i do think we need to be open to the answers we hear. >> your organization is not immune to violence either. what did you tell your folks and how did that make you feel? >> after that shooting that took place four months ago today, we gathered our teem together and we prayed. at that point our colleague who wased. we didn't know how seriously or fair. he has recovered for the most part and back at work but has surge ryes ahead of him. we prayed for him and the
9:35 am
shooter in that case. i tell you, our tome is doing well because we had a strong faith. we had a relationship with god, as christians through jesus christ. and that epi-- enabled us to get through it. >> i can't imagine what it is like for the nation. we turn to the strong faith component and the judeo-christian background, our church doors are open and people mourn and weep together. it is it to understand the thread that is wovep through our society and how important it is for us. not only in times of tragedy. but it is it important to prevent such tragedies. >> the dressed that and quoted a scripture in thepped of his
9:36 am
address in the psalms 147 3. he will bind up the wounds and heel the brokenhearted. what do you say about the commander in chief and relating to scripture to bring healing to the nation? >> i am grateful for that. i am grateful he did that. and again, it speaks to where we turn as a people, both as individually ask collectively as a soit in these times of great challenge when we don't have swars. ray 20 year old man goes in and kills innocent, helpless children. you can't make sense of that. and only thing we can do is turp to the creator and him put the peaces back together. i may we will turn to him in
9:37 am
earnest this time. >> tony, we appreciate it and bee know that there is it a big job as the nation tries to come together and heal. it may take days or months or years before we are through it. >> so 59 people in the country aring themselves the same question this morning. why would someone shoot upap epiit tire elementary school and killing so plane innocent children. we'll talk to a fbi profiler accident next. -- next. sadly, their brother's white christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! that's double miles
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>> we have breaking news, hillary clinton is recovering after sustaining a concussion earlier today. the secretary of state had a stomach virus and was dehydrated and caused her to
9:42 am
faint and hit her head. she is recovering at home and monitored by her doctors. at their recommendation she will work from home next week . >> small town community of newtown, connecticut is looking to pick up the pieces. it could take months or years before they feel safer in the neighborhoods. we'll bring in monica crowley and alen combs. monica, let me begin with you. the governor of connecticut said evil entered the community. should efforts be stepped up to have officers and metal and pat downs? >> we'll have the conversation now unfortunely because we have seen a number of the incidents and a lot of schools have a security measures
9:43 am
already in place because of these kinds of incidents in the past. sometimes you do have police officers or other security personnel. they do look at nine time time 30 in the morning and visitors who want enter in has to be bussed in. we will have stepped up conversations about what nations should do to keep these kippeds, safe. >> i want to alen and monitor said from the games brady - on james brady room. our hearts are broken. members of congress are echoing that same sentiment. alen what are you hearing? >> everybody is taking a deep breath and trying to process
9:44 am
what's happened before jumping in to what should we do or shouldn't we do. we are talk being public policy. i know there are michael bloomberg that was critical from the president from the left about not foc ing enough on this issue. but we as a nation want to catch our breath. one of the things people talked about was the notion of perhaps having more guards at school. i wouldn't plind if my taxpayer dollars went to having more personnel at schools that were in a guard situation. you have to wonder, information about this comes in could this be prevented. he forced his way in we found out this morning. we are trying to get our head around how we cope as a
9:45 am
nation. >> monica, you can write laws all you want in washington and having police officers to enforce, but how does congress move the ball forward in trying to prevent the tragedies from unfolding. if people are hell bent on destroying people, they can do it. >> that's right. it goes back to the beginning of mancoined and the first murder with cain and abel. >> it exist. we can try to limit these kinds of incidents through intervention and certain legislation . but the bottom line you can't prevent it. it is it the sad truth about life . we have a tendency to try to look at a bigger exmanation whether it is it the culture
9:46 am
or movies or and sometimes most simple explanation islet explanation that there are people processed by evil and they want to commit an unspeakable act they will do it and there is nothing that society can do thooto prevent it we can try to limit and mitigate this and vene, but it is never fool proof. that is it a truism of life unfortunately. nlet me jump in here. but alen, couldn't we be going to the other extreme? certainly schools are supposed to be a safe haven for our children. and a place where they are supposed to feel they can reach the potential in a positive and happy way through a safe environment. what message do you think it would send if we posted guards at entry way and guns and metal detectors in each
9:47 am
school. nwe have them in airplanes and federal buildings and other places. i don't know thrathey would object they were protected. we feel safer. and certain things that the nra with. and all sides can concur on. safety locks on good and national registry. and more quickly, we have the technology to know if someone goes to buy a gun. and the issue of mental health, what can we do to address mental hettle and takeaway the stigma on those with mental health issues. they need to come forward. >> and thank you very much. always great to see both of you on this very, very sad day, as we take stock of who
9:48 am
is going o. thank you very much. so we as adults, we are grappling with the tragedy. it is it hard to imagine how you explain the events of friday's shooting to your children. we'll talk to the experts about that very fact coming up. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪
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welcome back everybody. the attack on sandy hook elementary is not the first mass shooting we have had in this country. last year 12 people were kill dozens more injured when a gunman opened fire in a theater. james hol mes was charged with attempted murder. and a gunman was wounded in the middle of the holiday crowd. the suspect killed himself . >> imannuals of children cry stunned parents from the shooting.
9:53 am
and now explain the senseless act of violence. and dom nick spoke with experts on how to break the tragic news and down for the children you are speaking tompt dom nick, what have you found out? >> psychicologist say this is one of the hardest thungs to explain to children other than the death of the immediate family. most kids heard about this through social media. and now, they don't want to let the kids get carried away on what they read on line and twitter and book bock. - facebook. >> what did you say? were you afraid it would happen to your school? what if it happened to your school. the teachers would step in and the police would be there and momma and daddy would rush to the school. and so don't be afraid to let
9:54 am
your express and put words to and talk about what is inside of him. nand like we were saying, it is it detail that you are sharing with your kids and what is appropriate. and it is it a particular challenge for those kids who are the same age as those kimed in connecticut. - killed in connecticut. >> young school age may not appreciate the permanency of death. will johnny be at the next soccer match and will i get to see him. there might be repeated questions and they might have to talk and let it go and come back again. >> you know, kelly, in many cases of young children it being be the first time they encounter their own sense of mortality. keeping structure and routine at a time like this and they
9:55 am
know there is consistency in life. kelly. ndom nick, that is good advice and thank you for that, sir. >> sandy hook elementary shooting is the second mass shooting this year. and for those who experienced columbine shooting in 1999. these events are all too familiar from them. up next the perspective from the principal of columbine high school. >> it is close to home and just makes us realize how vulnerable we are as a society. note snote the ♪
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9:58 am
>> the tragedy in connecticut hitting close to home for survivors of the columbine high school shooting in colorado. a reporter talked with school leaders there and parents who were there in 1999.
9:59 am
>> just like to start off by just offering our condolences and prayers to the people in connecticut. >> kelly: doing his best to fight back tears, frank deangelus talked about shock and sadness. >> close to home and just making us realize how vulnerable we are as a society. >> kelly: it was almost 14 years ago when two gunman entered columbine and slaughtered 13 students and to deangelus, the connecticut elementary school has entered a clib. >> we have to stand up and saying enough is enough what is wrong with our society. and again, there's not one right answer. >> reporter: this principal believes a lot of lessons learned. but the answer does not lie in spending more money on


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